The seed

The seed.

I have done some work and I have more work ahead of me. Day by day i am working my field of dreams. Looking and seeing the fruits of my mental labor. I did it. I grew it. Success tastes so sweet! I have pushed and pulled, persisted and won. I am present in the now and wow what a moment. How i accept this and what it means to me. I built this and learned how to succeed. With my blue print builder in hand and my foundation built. How high can I grow. I have planted the seeds of dreams and truly believe. Power through repose it begins. What we think about is true, no truer true than you. Thank you.


Published by: wesmasterkey

I have been happily married for 8 years now. Together we have a beautiful daughter who makes us smile every day. I love to learn different ways to make myself better each and everyday. I am strong believer in you get what you put out and that a positive attitude brings positive results.


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