It is what it is and i am going to be me

Perception of the moment. It is what it is. With your ninja at the gate of your subconscious mind. You are what you are. Be true to you and the rest will follow. 

I have been living a lie. I wanted to work for money is what my paradigm said. My environment created my happiness. I listened to the “they say…” and look at what i have become. I am 41 and work hard and kick ass and yeah i smoke pot but what does that have to do with anything. You are what you think about and i think. 

I am understanding words as is. Is= energy. Energy is and will always be it in and through the spaces that look like air. It is what it is!

I am growing like the flower of life. My conscious mind is creating in perfect harmony with my true self to be the greatest version of myself. I am what i am at this moment. I am beginning to think in a certain way. 

I am source energy i am the formless stuff created out of the original stuff i am as is is energy i create like god it is what it is and energy flows through your governor and you are what you are.

I may be random or misunderstood. But it is time for me. To be me. I have a moral compass and new insight. The law of attraction like attracts like and energy is growing upon itself with your positive mental attitude you create. 

Wes Hoffman 


Published by: wesmasterkey

I have been happily married for 8 years now. Together we have a beautiful daughter who makes us smile every day. I love to learn different ways to make myself better each and everyday. I am strong believer in you get what you put out and that a positive attitude brings positive results.


4 thoughts on “It is what it is and i am going to be me”

  1. That’s really awesome Wes! And how true is that statement you made. We are what we are and we will always be, regardless if we drink, smoke, or do anything of the kind. How we think simply defermines how we express ourselves through this body, but our real divine self is the formless awareness behind those thoughts. You’re awesome Wes!

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